The one person that truly fascinates me has to be my boss, khaled Ouaniam.

I’m going to try not be bias. I just really want to know his story, and why he decided to work for a nonprofit organization helping women and children.

My boss is a very open minded man that wants to know everyones story. Every time I have a problem he is always the first one to help me out. From this interview I want to know is he really that open minded or is that a front that he puts on for work purposes.

I really want to know more about his family and what kind of family does he have. Non profits don’t really have that well of a pay but, is the job worth staying there.

I have worked with Mr. Khaled for almost 4 months and I think its time that I get to Know the Real Khaled Ouaniam.

3 thoughts on “Interview

  1. Hi Mirna! Mr.Quaniam sounds like a true hero, and I’ve never met him! I love the fact that he wants to help make a difference in the world by helping women and children. The world could use more people that want to put others ahead of themselves, and change the world for the better.


  2. Hello Mirna
    I think it will be really refreshing to hear from someone who is so open minded and giving. I’m also curious about what factors come into play to influence such a great human being. Finding out what his drive is and how he continues to be so selfless will be interesting.


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