Interview Overview

Thankfully because I was interviewing my boss, that was more like a mentor to me I walked into the interview very comfortable. I did send him the questions beforehand so he can work on them and for me to see if there was a question in there that he was uncomfortable with discussing.  

I interviewed my boss, Khalid Ouaniam that works at a nonprofit. I want to know why he decided to work at a job that barley feeds his family, but wouldn’t trade it for the world.  

Unfortunately, I took a break from work because it became too hectic on February 1st until May so it was hard for us to match schedules to do this interview. I did end up going to my old office to train the new employee, but unfortunately, we got too carries away with the training, and my Khalid had to go pick his daughter up from school. Eventually I told him to just send me a voice recording or a text message with his answers. Everything is just so last minute, so I feel like my interview is very sloppy and rushed.  

One thought on “Interview Overview

  1. I’m sorry to hear that you felt your interview was rushed! I think the good part is that you know this person so putting the pieces together should have worked out better than if you had not. It is an interesting interview, I too would wonder what causes someone to work in that field. I hope everything still turned out okay and you got some great answers out of it.


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