Blog 7 Jordan

For my Photo Journalism assignment I would love to put out some pictures that I took from my vacation in Jordan.

Jordan has a special place in my heart, It has beauty for tourist and beauty that only locals know about. I’m so glad that my aunt lives there because she got to show us all the special places.

I did take so many pictures that i would love to use and share with everyone. The pictures that I plan on sharing are the natural beauty is the natural beauty of the country. Even though a country doesn’t have all the fancy buildings, and don’t have unlimited data, they are still able to live in nature and love the life that they were given. Simplicity is the key for people from other countries. I cant wait to visit again.

3 thoughts on “Blog 7 Jordan

  1. Hey Mirna! Pictures of Jordan would be great because you don’t see them that often in the United States. Simplicity would be great to see, as so many people have gotten caught up in the fast life. It would be refreshing to see another part of the world and their paradigm.


  2. Hey Mirna,
    Pictures from your trip would be awesome! I think im going to use pictures from my most recent trip out of the country as well. I dont know that much about Jordan and look forward to seeing what you got!


  3. hi Mirna, I think this photo story is going to end up looking great, and very informational because many people (including myself) don’t know a lot about Jordan or how it even looks like. I like the fact the you said that they don’t have unlimited data but are still able to live in nature and love the life that they were given. It is always nice and healthy to disconnect from our phones and enjoy life the way it is.


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