Blog 9 GAZA

I chose to talk about the conflict in Gaza. Unfortunately there isn’t enough coverage on it, and the information on newsy is very limited. Because the information was very scarce I was thinking of changing my topic, but it eventually encouraged me to write about it more.

The images and videos are very graphic, and heard wrenching, but i think it is important for people to see what is going on.

I love talking about topics like this because i hope to become a war zone journalist and work in the Middle East. It inspires me to reach my goal because one day I’m going to be over there and reporting those stories with the truth and not the bias, American way.

As this topic is barley covered I hope to bring more awareness to it and bring it to inspire people to speak out when injustice and peoples lives are on the line.

2 thoughts on “Blog 9 GAZA

  1. I like that you weren’t discouraged by not finding enough information on Newsy. This makes it all the more important to write about. Although it is a graphic conversation to have, i think it is wonderful that you are shedding light and educating others on it.

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  2. Mirna,
    I love Newsy but I agree with you that some of the photos they take are very graphic and heart wrenching. The news that we see on television is censored here and we don’t really get to see what is going on verse other countries.I like that you want to see the issues going on in other countries and give you mad props for wanting to do so!

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