Blog 9 GAZA

I chose to talk about the conflict in Gaza. Unfortunately there isn’t enough coverage on it, and the information on newsy is very limited. Because the information was very scarce I was thinking of changing my topic, but it eventually encouraged me to write about it more.

The images and videos are very graphic, and heard wrenching, but i think it is important for people to see what is going on.

I love talking about topics like this because i hope to become a war zone journalist and work in the Middle East. It inspires me to reach my goal because one day I’m going to be over there and reporting those stories with the truth and not the bias, American way.

As this topic is barley covered I hope to bring more awareness to it and bring it to inspire people to speak out when injustice and peoples lives are on the line.

Blog 7 Jordan

For my Photo Journalism assignment I would love to put out some pictures that I took from my vacation in Jordan.

Jordan has a special place in my heart, It has beauty for tourist and beauty that only locals know about. I’m so glad that my aunt lives there because she got to show us all the special places.

I did take so many pictures that i would love to use and share with everyone. The pictures that I plan on sharing are the natural beauty is the natural beauty of the country. Even though a country doesn’t have all the fancy buildings, and don’t have unlimited data, they are still able to live in nature and love the life that they were given. Simplicity is the key for people from other countries. I cant wait to visit again.

What is Palestine

My story on Palestine is going to be more Historical. I’m going to start with the history and why it’s such an a hot topic at the moment.

This story is going to be me speaking from my heart and using as much evidence as I can to make sure everyone sees my view on it.

We see ethnic cleansing happen throughout history and we wonder why didn’t anyone stop it before it got so out of hand, but what people don’t know, is that it’s also happening right now, while everyone just turns a blind eye.

I hope I can express how bad the situation is for the Palestinians in a good way. As a Palestinian I’m also going to try my best not to be bias and just use historic facts.

Im really excited to see how this is going to turn out, and I hope everyone learns a thing or two about my little country.

“They used to say Palestinians fight like heroes, now they say Heroes fight like Palestinians”

Blog 5

If it gets approved I would like to talk about Palestine.

For my story I would love to talk about the current situation of Palestine, and what is happening to the Palestinian people. I want to know how life is under the occupation. As a Palestinian I already know so much about it, but I’m going to try to contact Palestinians that actually live on that soil to try to get incite information. I think this story is great because not everyone knows about the ethnic cleansing that is happening there today and has been going on for decades.  

I have multiple friends that have lived in Palestine and can answer all of my questions, so it would be pretty interesting to see what I can get from everything. I’ve only been to Palestine once and I’m glad that I did it at 18 because I was old enough to know what’s going on and to remember how beautiful it is even under the occupation.  

Interview Overview

Thankfully because I was interviewing my boss, that was more like a mentor to me I walked into the interview very comfortable. I did send him the questions beforehand so he can work on them and for me to see if there was a question in there that he was uncomfortable with discussing.  

I interviewed my boss, Khalid Ouaniam that works at a nonprofit. I want to know why he decided to work at a job that barley feeds his family, but wouldn’t trade it for the world.  

Unfortunately, I took a break from work because it became too hectic on February 1st until May so it was hard for us to match schedules to do this interview. I did end up going to my old office to train the new employee, but unfortunately, we got too carries away with the training, and my Khalid had to go pick his daughter up from school. Eventually I told him to just send me a voice recording or a text message with his answers. Everything is just so last minute, so I feel like my interview is very sloppy and rushed.  

Khalid Alouaniam, a man with multiple degrees in …. So, the BIG question is “why?” why would a man like him leave everything behind and work at a nonprofit that barley gives his growing family ends meet.  

The questions that I would like to ask are.. 

  1. Why did you choose this career? 
  1. How long have you been working for ICNA Relief? 
  1. Why did you choose ICNA Relief? 
  1. Do you regret your decision? 
  1. What exactly made you drop everything and choose this career path? 
  1. What is your favorite thing about this job? 
  1. How do you not let emotions get the best of you? 
  1. How does your family feel about this decision? 
  1. What is the one thing you want everyone to know about you? 
  1. Have you ever considered going back to your old life, and job that can actually guarantee a comfortable future for your family? 


The one person that truly fascinates me has to be my boss, khaled Ouaniam.

I’m going to try not be bias. I just really want to know his story, and why he decided to work for a nonprofit organization helping women and children.

My boss is a very open minded man that wants to know everyones story. Every time I have a problem he is always the first one to help me out. From this interview I want to know is he really that open minded or is that a front that he puts on for work purposes.

I really want to know more about his family and what kind of family does he have. Non profits don’t really have that well of a pay but, is the job worth staying there.

I have worked with Mr. Khaled for almost 4 months and I think its time that I get to Know the Real Khaled Ouaniam.

My Introduction

Hello. I guess this is the part where I tell you about my life, and who I am.

My name is Mirna, duh it’s the tittle of my blog. Okay but seriously I was Born in Amman, Jordan on August 22, 1999. My original name was “Noor” (light, bright) in Arabic. After I was born my family shortly moved to Benin, we lived there for a couple of years but, we would go back to Jordan every time my mom was going to give birth. I don’t really remember much of it but, my mom is always reminiscing on the good days of Benin.

My family moved back to Jordan when I was about 4. We lived there for a couple of years then moved to America for specifically South Carolina when I was 7. After moving to the states my parents shortly got divorced. I wish I could say that it was a simple divorce but it was the exact opposite. The divorce was rough, messy, and just ugly. My mom didn’t want to stay in that environment anymore so after three and a half years living in South Carolina we moved to Florida. It was a hard transition but, it was the best decision that my mom has made.

Life was great in Tampa, actually amazing. There was some hard days, but we got through them. My mom eventually opened a middle eastern restaurant on Bruce B Downs called “Al Sham Palace” its been opened for three years and it’s doing great.

That is the story of my life and where I am at the moment.

Talk to you soon. xxx.

Last Year on my friends Graduation at Curtis Hixon.

My family and I when we went to Navy Pier in Chicago